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Your paper & board partner in sustainable success

Nantahala National Forest
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Recycled & FSC certified paper

Moreover, we furnish efficient and dependable processing support, meticulously tailored to optimize your paper product manufacturing journey.


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Paper Stacked

Commitment to Sustainability

Making a Difference, One Sheet at a Time

At YoungSun, we are deeply committed to sustainability. We believe that every sheet of paper can make a difference in building a greener future. That's why we prioritize using recycled materials and collaborate with like-minded suppliers to drive positive change in the paper industry.

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Decades of Expertise, Global Reach, and Unwavering Commitment

For decades, YoungSun has been working alongside our partners, guided by the principles of sustainable development, to empower global customers in the paper industry, here are the numbers that tell our story.

20+years of industry expertise
10+specialized production lines
50+countries have been reached and counting
6200+square-meter manufacturing facility